Daily resources for higher education faculty and staff: Campus is a place where you can learn, share and connect with colleagues at universities and colleges all over the world.

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Daily resources for higher education faculty and staff: Campus is a place where you can learn, share and connect with colleagues at universities and colleges all over the world, brought to you by Times Higher Education and Inside Higher Ed.

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Campus is a space where higher education professionals can connect with their peers and find and share advice on:

The platform offers an opportunity to showcase your expertise and build networks with colleagues at universities and colleges all over the world.


Campus was launched in 2021 in partnership with Arizona State University, Cintana and Microsoft to facilitate the sharing of knowledge and expertise around technology-enhanced learning. It has since expanded to offer peer-to-peer insight on some of the biggest issues facing higher education providers.


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Advice on what to do and what not to do when writing diversity statements for online courses

Diversity statements: what to avoid and what to include

Diversity statements are increasingly important for faculty, both when teaching online and applying for jobs. Pardis Mahdavi and Scott Brooks outline what to avoid and what to include when drafting a diversity statement

Pardis Mahdavi, Scott Brooks

Arizona State University

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What our partners and authors say about Campus

The University of Edinburgh

Our authors, who range from academic and professional services staff to graduates, appreciate the opportunity to showcase their success stories, practical tips and innovative ideas and to contribute to a global network covering some of the biggest issues faced by universities today.

Colm Harmon's avatar

Colm Harmon

Vice-principal, students
University of Edinburgh, Campus+ partner
University of Queensland

I have been telling all my friends and colleagues about the THE Campus - such a rich, interesting and useful source. Truly excellent.

Sabine Matook's avatar

Sabine Matook

Associate professor
University of Queensland, Campus+ partner
Georgia Institute of Technology

It has been great getting to know the other Campus+ partners and gaining a more global perspective on how they are dealing with the issues facing higher education. The collaborative dialogue that the programme fosters can be a valuable resource for all of us as we redesign the future of higher education.

Steve Harmon's avatar

Steve Harmon

Interim executive director, Center for 21st Century Universities
Georgia Institute of Technology, Campus+ partner
Hong Kong Metropolitan University logo

It's been a pure pleasure working with Campus – a unique, fast-growing platform that provides a rich source of practical advice on key higher education trends from academics and university staff all over the world. The editing team is sensitive to the author’s intention, takes a holistic view of the overall story, and shows genuine interest in the final resource.

Kathleen Chim's avatar

Kathleen Chim

Associate head of the division of health & science
Hong Kong Metropolitan University