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Helping leaders in Higher Education make better, more informed decisions via data, performance analysis and benchmarking.

Empowering universities, governments and organisations around the world.

Leaders across higher education need to make critical business decisions, and they are increasingly relying on robust data and insights to support with their decision making and strategic planning. ​​THE’s data and solutions empower universities, governments and organisations around the world. Learn more about our datasets and capabilities below:

THE’s World University Rankings are the leading way for research-focused universities to understand their position on a world stage and to advance against strategic goals.
17 August
Powerful data and analytics to support success in sustainability THE’s SDG Impact Dashboard provides a vital tool for universities’ sustainability work by providing rich data on performance & clear insight into best practice from around the world.
17 February
THE’s Reputation dataset remains the industry-leading source of intelligence on how universities are perceived among leading academics from around the world, based on proprietary data from over 100,000 academic survey respondents.
24 June
Supporting the advancement of world-class higher education systems through collaborative data science engagements with THE experts and customised solutions.
23 September
THE’s Consultancy division supports higher education leaders, globally, to complex challenges and achieve sustainable growth and strategic impact.
12 July
Plan for change. THE Explore allows you to create hypothetical scenarios by changing your institutions core inputs and running them against the most recent World University Ranking to evaluate the impact on performance
28 February

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